Mygunandammo Shop is a leading importer and dealer of international firearms, ammunition and firearm accessories in the country today. Founded in 2010, our network has rapidly grown into several branches and over 100 sub-dealers nationwide – a clear demonstration of our thrust to give each and every Filipino the best defense. We are a consistent top-seller, meeting the needs of the police, law enforcers, military and civilians for individual, wholesale and institutional transactions. We have become the dealer of choice for many who look for quality products provided by a company they can trust.

Giving you the best defence

Over the years, we have distributed several firearm and ammunition brands both direct from manufacturers themselves and from international distributors such as Beretta, Benelli, BUL Transmark/ BUL M-5, Colt, CZ, Federal, FEG, Franchi, Glaser, GLOCK, Ithaca, Jericho, Kimber, Magtech/ CBC, Mossberg, Norinco, Para-Ordnance, PMC, Sig Sauer, Smith & Wesson, Street Sweeper, Taurus and Winchester.

However, in order to empower everyone with quality choices, we decided to concentrate on a limited number of quality brands across different price ranges.